Dr. Becker Consulting


From the first product idea to market monitoring: Rely on fast and competent support every step of the way.

In this early phase of product development, ideas and modern technical possibilities come together – and inspire each other.

We offer comprehensive technical expertise in the development of your concepts.

In targeted preliminary studies, we develop concepts into high-quality and cost-efficient products.

Importing cosmetic products into the EU can be tricky, as conflicts with the EU legal framework commonly arise.
In addition to the recipe itself, the requirements for packaging and labeling also need to be taken into account.
We give you a reliable compliance assessment for the EU market. If necessary, we find quick and cost-effective measures to make the product marketable in the EU.

With Regulation No. 655/2013, the EU responds to an ever growing customer demand for clear and truthful advertising claims.

Furthermore, strategic brand management has long since discovered the value of additional quality labels to strengthen market position.

We will make sure that you can legally advertise your products with strong label claims.

Convincing claims create trust among customers and increase the visibility of your products.

Our in-house development laboratory works on innovative formulations,  completely tailored to your target group.

In a holistic approach, we take all aspects of the user experience, economic efficiency and the legal framework into account right from the start.

The process includes detailed consultation and regular feedback discussions as well as several prototype tests.

The notification process for cosmetic products according to EC Regulation No. 1223/2009 requires both technical and legal know-how.

All required documents, including the central “Cosmetic Product Safety Report” (CPSR), are prepared in-house by a qualified safety assessor.

We organize and monitor all necessary studies, such as stability and preservation stress tests.

Finally, the product is notified in the EU’s CPNP and thereby becomes legally marketable.

The approval criteria for cosmetics and their ingredients are subject to constant change within the EU.
We monitor the legal framework very carefully so that our customers can react quickly to upcoming changes.
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